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You will adore this beautiful retriever theme necklace. The pendant features an adorable retriever puppy dog with blonde/tan and clear crystals embedded in it. This necklace is attractive and elegant so you can wear it anytime, anywhere! Whether you're going out to walk your dog in the park, or going to a formal dinner party wearing your glamorous cocktail dress, this necklace will fit right in! Dogs are very loving and smart animals. Most of us even have them as our best friends. They make a tiring and gloomy day full of light and excitement by waiting at the door to give us the wettest, but sweetest kisses! Do you see your dog as your best friend? This necklace is perfect for you!

favorite professional sports teams


football is one of my favorite professional sports to watch. my favorite team (thanks to my grandfather) would be the dallas cowboys. i grew up cheering the cowboys on almost every week during football season. i’ll always be a cowboys fan too, through thick and then i’ll continue to cheer them on. i won’t get into the romo debate however, i might save that for a different time.  in recent years however i’ve started to really like the houston texans, it’s a great team, it’s a texas team, and j.j. watt is a beast. in addition, as difficult as it is to say being a cowboys fan, i’ve also started taking a liking to the redskins. the reason being more or less because of rgiii being their quarterback though.









baseball is another one of my favorite professional sports teams to watch, mainly because it’s my favorite sport. my favorite team is by far the texas rangers, they have been ever since i was a young kid and that will never change. the astros also used to be a favorite of mine when i was young but over the years they have kind of lost it for me. i didn’t stopp ‘liking’ them once they became one of the laughing stocks of baseball though, i stopped liking them mainly because the rangers held a bigger place in my heart and there just wasn’t room in there for two texas size baseball teams. i hope they don’t tear down the astro dome though, that’s a texas icon that just needs some more tlc to get back up and running.






while i like basketball (i love college basketball actually), i don’t care much for professional basketball. i’ll go ahead and be honest but really the only times i ever watch an nba game is during the finals, even then though i’m not going to care much. unless however a texas team is playing, such as the spurs did (and won) just this year and how the mavericks did (and also won) in 2011. so basically, unless a texas team is playing i really couldn’t care all that much about the nba. don’t get me started on lebron though.